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4 Truck Rental Tips for Long-Distance College Moves

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Going to college is not just about having a new educational experience; it also involves a huge change in residency, and there are a number of belongings and items to bring along the way. Whether you’re moving into a dorm or an apartment, a moving truck can help you make the trek, especially when the college is located a long way away from your home. As you rent a truck for moving, there are four tips to follow that can ensure you have the best success and are fully prepared for the trip. By following each of these steps, your long drive can go smoothly and get you to your destination with minimal problems or worries. Practice Driving a Truck Handling a large moving truck is different from handling most other vehicles that you may have encountered. Before loading the truck up and hitting the open road, you should spend at least an hour practicing driving the vehicle. Head to a large and empty parking lot. In the parking lot, you should practice taking turns, using the mirrors, and learning the different operations of the truck. It’s also a good idea to reverse into parking spots and learn how to properly handle the size of the truck. If the drive to the college is going to take more than a single day, the extra lessons can help you easily manage the vehicle when going to rest stops, hotels, or other locations along the way. Book a One-Way Move After you’ve arrived at college, you probably don’t want to worry about taking the truck back to the rental place. Luckily, many moving truck companies offer one-way move services. This service allows you to drive the truck to your location and then get it picked up by the company representative, or you can sometimes drop it off at a nearby office in the area of the college. This can save a lot of time and resources as you are planning your move. Once everything is unloaded from the truck and ready at your new location, you will have more time to settle down and get used to the area instead of trying to find a way to bring the truck all the way back to your home town. Find Additional Passengers As you are planning the move to college and the truck rental, consider additional passengers that you want to bring for the ride. Many truck rental companies give you the option of adding extra drivers to the rental list. This can give you an extra person to help drive, which is useful for traveling long distances. Driving with an extra passenger can also create a fun bonding experience. Moving to college is a great time to travel with parents or a sibling and have one last experience with them before you start your college school year. If the company doesn’t offer one-way moves, the person who comes with you may also be able to drive the truck back for you. Get Truck Cargo Insurance When paying for a moving truck rental, a basic liability insurance option is often mandatory for rentals, but you also have the option of adding extra coverage options. One of these options to consider is called personal accident and cargo protection insurance. This type of insurance...

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Safe With Fire Extinguishers

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Designing a safe restaurant kitchen is a challenge, but even rarely used commercial kitchens located in churches or community centers need proper fire control equipment. Installing the right fire extinguishers, in the right places, is essential for protecting both the people working in the kitchen and the building itself that hosts the commercial kitchen. Try these five tips for meeting the International Fire Code and any local safety code requirements. Don’t Obstruct the Extinguishers Fire extinguishers are only helpful in case of a flaming grill top if the cook working at that station can quickly and easily grab the emergency equipment and start using it. Hiding the extinguisher behind a stack of produce crates or tucking it around the corner from the main work area is a violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Fire Prevention Association codes. Try surrounding the extinguishers with safety signs or red stripes to draw attention to them in a chaotic and stressful environment. Pick the Right Spray Type You can hang a fire extinguisher every five feet around the perimeter of your commercial kitchen and still end up unprepared for a grease fire if you choose the wrong spray types. Basic residential ABC extinguishers aren’t designed for cooking fats. Instead, look for a commercial grade Class F extinguisher. You’ll also find this kind of spray referred to as a Class K extinguisher. These units are always a wet spray, with either a chemical blend that removes oxygen from the flames or a water mist with fire dampener additives. These sprays are best for fats and cooking oils that catch on fire because The chemicals react with the fats to create a layer of foam. The foam seals in the flammable liquids and separates them from a fresh source of oxygen. The fumes rising off the fire are trapped in the foam. Add Extra Protection for Deep Fryers It’s essential to locate a Class K fire extinguisher within 30 feet of every cook top, grill, or other piece of equipment where flames, heat, and fat combine. In addition to these extinguishers dotted around the kitchen, add at least one separate model for each bank of four frying units. Since deep fryers are very volatile and dangerous when they catch on fire, you can’t expect an employee to run across the commercial kitchen to grab an extinguisher. Keep Proof of Inspections Almost all county and city fire safety codes require annual inspections of fire extinguishers and similar pieces of safety equipment. It’s not enough to simply have the extinguishers inspected, but you also need to keep proof of those inspections on hand for a few years at a time. Expect to maintain proof of inspection, including contact information for the professional who handled the inspection, for at least five years. Most extinguishers include a printed card for stamping and writing the details on, but these cards are easily ripped off and lost over the years. Keep a secondary record of the inspection details on a computer or a separate sheet of paper in a more secure location in case of a surprise inspection. Train Your Employees to Use the Equipment Finally, don’t forget that all fire extinguishers are different, and you should train your commercial kitchen team with the exact models you...

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Living In Flood-Prone Areas: 3 Tips For Securing Storage Units Against Floods

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It doesn’t matter where you live. In the past 5 years, all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods, and just a few inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage. While most homeowners typically spend a large portion of their money, efforts and time flood-proofing their homes, many people forget to flood-proof their storage units although they store a lot of their valuable and sentimental possessions in them. If you live in a flood-prone area, you want to make sure that you choose a storage facility that is located on higher ground. You also want spend some time securing your unit against floods. Elevating All Items Stored with Shelves and Wooden Pallets Nothing that you store inside your unit should be in contact with the ground, as it will be easily susceptible to water damage. Make sure everything you store is elevated at least several inches off the ground using sturdy shelves that lay against the walls of your unit. Store all of your belongings on the shelves, but leave the bottom shelf empty. This way, there’s a good chance that the stored items will remain above the water level in the event that there is a small flood. Make sure the heavier items are placed on the lower shelves to prevent the shelves from tipping over. Storing larger furniture on shelves will be impossible. Instead, you should elevate all furniture and large appliances and items in your storage unit by placing them on top of wooden pallets. Although the wooden pallets will collapse over time, it should still buy you enough time to get into your storage to salvage these items during a flood. It’s also a good idea to store everything in air-tight and waterproof plastic storage boxes. For larger appliances and furniture, cover everything up with a plastic cover.  Leaving Out Bags of Charcoal Even if your unit is not flooded with water, it is vulnerable to elevated humidity levels in the event that the surrounding area is flooded. One of the easiest ways to prevent excess moisture from accumulating within your storage unit and damaging your items is to leave out a bag of charcoal. The charcoal will not only absorb bad odors, but will also absorb excess moisture in the air. Leaving out bags of charcoal in various corners of your storage unit will be a relatively inexpensive solution. Keep in mind that these bags of charcoal will need to be replaced once every 6 months for optimal efficacy.  Sealing Off the Opening of the Unit If the self storage facility you have chosen is built from brick, asbestos-cement board or concrete, your unit will be relatively flood-damage resistant. While you don’t have to worry about water seeping in from the ground or from the walls, you should be concerned that water can seep in easily from the opening of the self storage unit, as they typically are not air-tight. Seal off the edges of the opening by installing rubber weatherstrips that will prevent water from being able to enter the unit when the opening to the unit is fully closed. The rubber weatherstrip will also prevent dirt and dust from entering the storage unit as well. Conclusion A lot of Americans store valuable and sentimental items in...

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Planning A Renovation? A Few Tips To Help Keep Your Property Safe

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From making sure their budget matches their expectations to finding reputable contractors, for many homeowners, renovating their house provides a unique set of challenges. However, there is another vital aspect of a renovation that many homeowners overlook, and it is one that can wind up costing them big money: security. If you’re in the middle of a home renovation or are planning one in the future, here are a few simple ways to protect your investment: Work With Your Existing Security Company During the beginning stages of your renovation, one of your first phone calls should be to your security company. The security company will provide you with the best options to keep your home safe during the entire process. If your renovation is minor and you are planning to remain in your home, the security company may suggest adding features to your existing system. For example, the company may recommend installing motion detecting lights around the perimeter of your home. Installing security cameras is another great way to add another layer of protection to your home while it is vulnerable during the renovation. If the renovation is more expansive and you’re not able to remain in your home, or if your home is literally missing doors and walls, it is time to take more drastic measures to protect your property. In addition to installing a more sensitive, state-of-the-art system, the security company might recommend hiring a guard to stand watch over your home at night. A monitored surveillance system is another great option that allows you to watch over your home 24 hours a day. The system provides a live feed of your home that you can watch on your tablet or smartphone. Talk to Your Neighbors In addition to being there in a pinch if you lock yourself out of your house or need a cup of sugar to finish a recipe, your neighbors are a great resource to have during a renovation. If you’re not friendly with your neighbors, now is the time to start. The Crime Doctor recommends inviting your neighbors to your home and getting to know them. Once you’ve established a relationship, ask them to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your home during the renovation. For example, if your neighbors notice a stranger walking around the perimeter of your home at night, ask them to contact the police immediately. If you’re planning to be away from your home for an extended period of time during the renovation, ask your neighbors to pick up your mail and grab your newspaper. A pile of unread mail and newspaper by your front door is a clear sign to burglars that you’re not home. Speak With Your Contractor and Crew Depending on the extent of your renovation, it is not uncommon for your contractor and their crew to use several thousands of dollars worth of equipment to complete the job. If any of these tools and equipment are left behind, they can be easily snatched if your home isn’t secure. In addition, if the burglar can easily grab tools, there is a chance they might come back to your home for more expensive items, such as copper pipes and fixtures. It is vital that you insist your contractor and crew take any valuable...

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3 Key Features To Consider When Choosing Home Office Furniture To Reduce Back Pains

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The work force these days is significantly different from the past, with almost one in five Americans choosing to work from home instead of at a corporate office. Those who choose to work from home tend to agree that they feel happier that way, as they are more comfortable and relaxed. With that being said, picking out the right home office furniture is crucial if you decide to work from home. It’s important that the office that you set up at home by yourself is designed properly in order to reduce the risk of developing back pains. Here are 3 key features and office furniture to consider. Choose Seats, Tables and Electronics with Adjustable Heights The first tip isn’t related to the type of office furniture that should be purchased per se, bur rather a feature that all of your office furniture should have. Make sure you choose furniture that can be adjusted height-wise. If not, make sure you measure out how high your seats, tables and electronics, such as LCD screens or desktops, need to be in order for your head and neck to be aligned right above your shoulders. In particular, you should be keeping your head up if you are sitting at all times. This can make a world of a difference as to whether you develop any back pains or not. The best way of doing this is to find a seat that can be adjusted. Make sure that the desk you are using allows your shoulders to rest comfortably, and that your LCD display screen or monitor is raised in a way that your head is always looking up. It’s not uncommon for most people to be looking downwards to their screen. This will strain their necks and cause tension to build up in the muscles, which result in not only back pain but also neck pain. Ideally, your torso should be about an arm’s length away from the monitor, and the monitor should be approximately two to three inches above your eye level. Pick Chair Alternatives That Keep the S-Curve Intact Standard office chairs are perhaps the worst at keeping back pains at bay. This is because they cause the lower lumbar curve to collapse, so that the natural S-curve in the spine is lost. This causes the body to slouch, and the lateral and oblique muscles will become weak and unable to support the weight of the body with time. Many people are under the misconception that simply choosing office furniture with lumbar support incorporated into the design will help, but this is far from the truth. In fact, lumbar support may not actually make that much of a difference, if at all. You should look for chair alternatives that will cause you to perch rather than sit, so that the natural S-curve in your spine will be left intact. This means that you will be in a half-standing position rather than a sitting position. A lot of your body weight will be supported by your legs rather than your back. Hybrid stool seats are one of the better options to go with. Use Bookshelves or Cupboards That Require Less Straining Bending, reaching, twisting or any other activities that require you to contort your body can result in accidental injuries that result...

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Has Your Loved One’s Bronze Grave Marker Been Stolen? Here’s What To Do

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Bronze is a valuable metal, and ill-moraled thieves sometimes take advantage of this fact by stealing bronze grave markers from cemeteries. If your loved one’s grave has fallen victim to this unthinkable act, here’s what you need to do moving forward. Consider A Low-Cost Replica Bronze is a beautiful choice when choosing a grave marker to commemorate your loved one, but it’s an extremely tempting material for those less-than-honest criminals looking to make a quick buck. If the cemetery where your loved one is buried is currently experiencing a problem with metal theft, replacing the stolen grave marker with a new bronze one may result in another theft. Until the perpetrator that has violated the cemetery is caught and brought to justice, consider replacing the grave marker with one made from a less valuable material. Many American Legion posts who are in charge of distributing veteran’s grave markers have switched from bronze markers to bronzed plastic or base-metal ones. These low-cost materials allow the families of the departed to mark the final resting place of their deceased without the worry of theft since the markers have little to no resale value. Contact a memorial company like Elmwood Cemetery Memorials if you have specific questions about creating new grave markers. Phone The Police Now it’s time to get some help from the authorities. Phone your local police and fill them in on the situation. Ask them to boost their patrol of cemeteries in the area and to alert anyone who lives near those cemeteries to keep a lookout for suspicious activity.  Contact Your Local Metal Recycling Facilities There is no doubt that the thief responsible for stealing your loved one’s grave marker is brazen; so brazen, in fact, that they may just try take the grave markers they’ve collected to the nearest metal recycling facility and try to exchange them for cash. These metal-robbing criminals often try to hide any evidence of their crime by filing the names off of the markers and cutting them into unrecognizable shapes, but metal recyclers are well-trained on the tactics used by dishonest metal collectors. Call every metal recycling facility in your area and tell them about the theft you’ve experienced. They’ll inspect any bit of bronze that comes through their facility. If they see something suspicious, they’ll deny the sale, record the license plate number of the person trying to return the bronze, and then phone the police. Visit Local Antique Shops And Flea Markets Recycling facilities aren’t always the final destination for stolen bronze grave markers. Some unscrupulous thieves pawn their bounties at antique shops or sell them at flea markets. While still a terrible act, this is actually the best case scenario for a stolen grave marker because you may be able to retrieve it intact and return it to your love one’s grave.  Approach antique shops and flea markets as an interested buyer — the person selling the goods may be the one responsible for the theft and you don’t want them to know they’ve been found out until the authorities arrive. Browse the seller’s wares and if you happen upon a grave marker (your loved one’s or anybody else’s), phone the police. Call Your Senator Finally, call your senator and ask them to push for stricter laws and federal recognition...

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Handling Bad Reviews Left By Current Or Previous Tenants

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In March of 2015, the Huffington Post wrote an interesting article about a Florida apartment complex that was threatening to charge residents $10,000 apiece if they posted negative reviews of the facility online. Although the complex claims the contract clause was a relic from a previous general partner and promptly voided it after receiving media attention, the incident highlights one of the many challenges of owning and managing rental units: bad tenant reviews. Although threatening to fine residents for leaving bad reviews is not a good idea, here are three things you can do to protect your property’s reputation. Respond to Negative Reviews It may be tempting to ignore negative reviews out of the belief that the review won’t have any real impact on your rental business or responding to the review may only make thing worse. However, a survey conducted in 2013 found that 85 percent of people who participated read online reviews and 79 percent trusted those reviews in the same way they trusted personal recommendations from acquaintances, friends, and family members. It’s a good bet that potential renters are reading reviews about your property either before they call you about rental rates or after they’ve toured the apartment or home. Therefore, letting negative reviews go unchallenged can put future tenants off signing contracts. At the same time, you want to be smart about how you respond. First, you want to pick your battles. You only want to respond to comments left on neutral sites designed for that purpose, since people are more likely to see the complaint on these types of review sites. Unless you’re invited to do so, you want to avoid responding to complaints left on blogs or privately owned websites because it can come off as creepy and the person may remove your comment or may change their original post to distort it. Second, always be professional and discreet when responding to complaints. You may be tempted to give a snappy reply or fill the comment box with salacious details that will embarrass the complainer, but doing so will only acerbate the situation and make you look vindictive. Operate with the intention of creating a win-win situation that ends with the person revising his or complaint into praise for you. Even if the person remains unappeased after your reply, others reading the comment will be impressed that you cared enough to try and resolve the problem. Negotiate with the Reviewer If you know the person who left the review and are able to communicate directly with the individual, it may be worth the effort to talk to him or her about removing the review. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may have to offer or negotiate concessions in exchange for getting the review taken down. For instance, if you and the soon-to-be ex-tenant are bickering over late fees, you may want to offer to waive the fees if the person deletes the review. It may seem like you’re bribing the person to get rid of the offending review. Considering the negative impact a bad review can have on your business’ reputation, waiving a few late fees may be a small price to pay to prevent one or two reviews from tarnishing your brand. Take Legal Action as Appropriate Although litigation is...

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How To Choose A One-Man Aerial Lift For Your Indoor Construction Application

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Renting construction equipment may save you money when performing a one-time job. When an aerial lift is necessary to reach indoor heights, you’ll need to choose the right machinery for the job at hand. A few options to consider when renting your one-man aerial lift are portability and easy assembly (if applicable), manual versus self-propelled, as well as weight capacity and design. How to Decide Perhaps you need an aerial lift for installing mechanical or electrical work on a high indoor ceiling. Repairs may also be needed in warehouse structure ceilings as well. For whatever your needs, a one-man aerial lift (sometimes referred to as a “pusharound” or “manlift”) may be a necessary piece of equipment, but you must narrow your selection. Here are some basic rules and considerations to keep in mind when renting a one-man aerial lift: 1. Portability and Easy Set Up When you have a job to do, time is of the essence. Lost time and production may cost you money. Choosing an indoor aerial lift that is fairly portable and easy to set up may save you quality time. If possible, choose to rent a fully assembled machine. 2. Manual or Self-Propelled? Both options will feature an enclosed platform for the user, but the differentiating factor is how they operate. The manually propelled manlift will consist of segmented telescopic parts. Although a manually operated aerial lift is portable, it will need to be manually pushed to your desired location. These models are typically easy to maneuver in tight spaces. They may also be more cost effective than renting the self-propelled models. If you prefer the ease of not having to push the machine to a new location each time, consider the convenience of a self-propelled model. With this model, the user will have access to a control panel from inside the platform. The buttons will control the movement of the wheels which are powered by an electric motor. 3. Platform Weight Capacity Most one-man aerial lifts are capable of supporting the weight of a worker and a medium to heavy load. You need to consider the weight of the user as well as the load he or she will be carrying. This will make your decision easier when comparing weight capacities. 4. Design Before you choose your rental one-man aerial lift, consider the height of your application. Is it intended for a 30-foot job or do you need to reach 100 feet? To choose accordingly, be sure you have taken measurements of the height of the application to be done. Various designs exist for specific needs, and each have varying height capabilities, as well as other features. Scissor lift design: If the work is to be done on a level surface with a direct overhead application, a one-man scissor lift may be a good choice. Basically, this model has crossed tubing, much resembling a pair of scissors, hence the name. Most scissor lifts have adequate platforms for placing tools or heavy loads, although rental fees may be higher for the extra wide platform option. Scissor lifts are best for a one direction vertical lift of no greater than about 50 feet.   Boom Lift Design: Conversely, for reaching heights greater than 50 feet, a boom lift is a good option. These also offer better...

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4 Ways To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Your Office Building’s Security System

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Installing a security system in your office building offers a myriad of benefits to take advantage of such as an increase in employee production and reduced insurance premiums rates. While a video monitoring system on its own can be a deterrent to mischievous office employees and would-be criminals, there are some things you can do to optimize your security system and make it work even better for you. Here are four options to consider: Issue Identification Badges One of the best ways to make sure that your office building and sensitive files are protected from those who shouldn’t have access is to issue identification badges to your employees. You can use electronic doors at the entrance and in rooms where you want only certain employees to have access to. Then each employee’s identification card can be coded to work on specific doors that they should have access to. Using identification badges in conjunction with your electronic security system will help you manage your office’s entrance without the need to hire a human security guard. And requiring that the badges be worn on the shirt or around the neck will help management to identify office employees at a glance. Capture Multiple Angles Installing a security camera in each room of your office building will give you a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening within the walls at any given time, but you’ll have a limited perspective to work from which can hinder an investigation in case of a break-in or employee trouble. Implementing two or three security cameras in rooms that have a lot of foot traffic will help you capture multiple angles so that you have all the pieces of the puzzle to put together. It is important to stagger the heights and angles of your security cameras as you install them in order to get coverage of all areas of any given room. Maintain an Attendance Log To ensure that employees and visitors to your building are always accounted for, maintain an attendance log that everyone must sign as they enter and exit the building. This will help you figure out exactly who is present if something serious happens or a concern about security needs to be addressed. It will also help management ensure that employees are actually coming and going as they claim on their time cards. A simple notepad and pen is enough to get the job done, but printing out forms with letterheads that are pre-dated will be more reliable for legal purposes if the need arises. Alternatively, you can set up a computer near the entrance so employees and clients can electronically sign in and out of the building, although clients may find it frustrating to learn your system for an occasional visit. Acquire Remote Security Access To effectively keep tabs on what’s going on in your office building at any given time, have a remote security program integrated into your onsite surveillance system so that you can tap into the cameras and see for yourself what’s happening at any time of the day or night. Many remote security systems offer the opportunity to monitor video surveillance from a computer, an iPad, or even a Smartphone from anywhere in the world, which can come in handy if you’re away on business or for vacation. Some...

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Planning The Perfect Party? Bring Your Event To Life With Bottle Labels

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If you are trying to throw an event–whether it be a birthday party, wedding, or bridal shower, there are a few ways you can use bottle labels to really bring a sophisticated finish to your celebration. Custom bottle labels offer a huge opportunity for you to have your drinks and decor designed in a way that sets the mood for your event. Here are a few advantages bottle labels can add your event. 1. Drinks Don’t Have To Be Boring Birthdays and weddings are often a time for serving punch, alcohol, juice, or soda. However, serving in glasses is what everybody does. Well, not if you spruce it up with some of these cool ideas.  Have a special label designed for kid-sized disposable water bottles. For example, if you are having a pirate-themed party, you could have the label manufacturer print official-looking labels that cover up the “boring” labels already on the bottles that say “Savvy Seawater” or something much more exciting. Kids will feel a lot better about drinking water that is personalized especially for the party — especially if adults get to enjoy more interesting-looking beverages. Make a bottle for each guest. If you’re serving soda, why not keep the glass bottles and customize them to each person attending? Have a label made for each name on the RSVP list. The bottle can then be keepsake for the event that a person will always remember. Guests can have their drinks from their own personalized bottle, instead of from a glass. 2. Your Wine Can Make Memories Have a special label designed for wine bottles to celebrate the person or event. For example, at an anniversary party, each signature bottle of red wine could have the names and marriage date of the couple you are celebrating. Then, all unopened bottles can be stored for future anniversaries. It will be a special thing for the couple to enjoy, reminding them of the night from which the wine came.  Another way that adding a great label to a wine bottle can help create memories for the future is by customizing the label to feature a picture of the event, or of the person or people the event is centered around. Not only will guests be able to look at all the various pictures on the bottles during the reception, but unopened bottles will bring back the memories of that time, even decades down the road.  3. A Special Label Can Set A Special Mood Themed parties are such a treat for both hosts and guests. Who doesn’t like to take a trip through time or to another dimension/world for an evening? A custom bottle label can help add to the atmosphere. For example: label bottles of cream soda “Butterbeer” for a Harry Potter themed party, and have special drinks prepared inside both of them.  artificially date bottles of wine for 1776 if you are having a themed Independence Day party. accent your decor by ordering vintage-styled soup can labels to put on regular cans if you’re throwing a USO-style party. Researching and recreating the tin and brown paper goods of the 1940’s can really help to bring the party to another level. You can bring the decade to life.  choose odd bottles at thrift stores to hold rum for a...

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